Permanent Cosmetics

about-2Procedure Pricing

$1000.00* Areolas
$  300.00* Upper eye liner
$  300.00* Lower eye liner
$  600.00* Lip Liner
$  850.00* Full Lip
$  500.00* Eyebrows
$  800.00* Microblade Eyebrows
*This is a base price, actual price may be higher

GreatEyebrowsBenefits from Permanent Makeup

• Time efficient
•  Individuals with extremely oily skin
•  Individuals with little or no natural eyebrow line
•  Individuals with allergies, who may be unable to wear makeup
Individuals with hair loss on the eyebrows or eyelashes, due to disease or related chemotherapy treatment
•  Individuals who face difficulty applying makeup without the use of a mirror or magnifying glass
• Anyone who’d enjoy smudge proof makeup

Please download and fill out this information and consent form prior to your appointment: Info-Consent-Form